Our emphasis on understanding makes our audit methodology unique - understanding the business, the owner and the balance sheet. Our audit approach has greater emphasis on systems, risk, reconciliation and accounting policies, and less focus on extensive 'robotic' verification and technical compliance. We produce an audit service which is wanted, valued and needed, because in the end, owner's care about their business. It's their money.

Audits of financial reports

Provision of statutory audit services for clients requiring an audit under the Corporations Act 2001, or other relevant legislation. Our industry experience and exposure to different entity structures is very broad. 

Reviews of financial reports

Provision of review services (less detailed and hence providing a lower level of assurance than an audit) for half year reports of ASX listed companies under the Corporations Act 2001 and other entities, as required.


Internal audits

Provision of an internal audit function, either on a one-off or recurring basis, for organisations of all types.

Systems and controls reviews

One-off reviews of an entity's financial and operating systems and controls, providing an independent assessment of the internal systems and controls. These reviews assist in risk management and corporate governance.


Agreed upon procedure reports

Conducting procedures on specified financial information for a particular special purpose and then preparing a report based on these procedures.

Other types of audits

There are many other types of audits that we undertake such as:

  •     Trust accounts (solicitors and real estate agents)

  •     Grant acquittal statements

  •     Financial licence audit

  •     Strata plan audits


Regulatory compliance

Directors have the obligation to prepare financial statements that are true and fair. Our operating methodology is designed around helping owners produce accurate financial statements and meeting their obligations under various taxation and corporation law requirements in a timely manner.